America 20/20

Iran to Open Up Trade

The Result

In Honor of Judy Shen.  和平

Wartime Survival Guide


Earth’s Best Organic Rice Cereal for Babies, Kosher, Halal and USDA Organic Certified

Hewlett Packard was ahead of its time.

Allegations of sales to Iran despite sanctions[edit]
See also: Hewlett Packard § Sales to Iran despite sanctions
In 1997, prior to Carly Fiorina’s joining the company, HP’s Dutch subsidiary formed a partnership with a company in Dubai, Redington Gulf, which sold HP’s products in Iran.[70] Under Fiorina’s leadership at HP, the company sold millions of dollars worth of printers and computer products to Iran through the foreign subsidiary, while U.S. export sanctions were in effect.[71][72] After the story was initially reported by The Boston Globe in 2008,[73] the SEC sent a letter of inquiry to HP, who responded that products worth US$120 million were sold in fiscal 2008[74] arguing that the sales did not violate export sanctions because they were made through a foreign subsidiary.[70] According to former officials who worked on sanctions, HP was using a loophole by routing their sales through a foreign subsidiary.[70] HP ended its relationship with Redington Gulf after the SEC inquiry.[70]

Women in Selective Service in 2018

Can you afford your property taxes? Lobby your Congressman, Senator, Governor, Fraternal Order of Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation (, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, Transportation Security Authority to legalize hemp and the products that are made with it including tablet and edibles formats. Subscribe to The Denver Post, on Twitter (@cannibist) and on Facebook (fb/cannabist).

  1. The Big Barometer of the Marijuana stocks, GW Pharmaceuticals, was down 3.21%.
  2. Here’s the quandary, Tweed in Vancouver, TWD.V was down only 1.09% while it’s AMerican Depository Receipt, TWMJF was down 8.51%
  3. For those seeking speculative growth, check out OTC: ATTBF. A warning: it is thinly traded.
  4. Here’s a news item on Nutritional HIgh

Invest Like a Billionaire, by Warren Buffett, George Soros and John Paulson.


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